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Contact Kevin Scarselli

If you would like to contact me, I am available to speak via email and phone, but please contact me by email first.  I can be reached at and will make a best effort attempt to respond in a timely manner.

About Kevin Scarselli

I am an Internet marketer specializing in multichannel marketing and advertising strategy combined with the latest web development and design technology, including application/database development.  In today’s competitive landscape, top Internet marketers must possess both the marketing knowledge as well as the coding/development expertise to fully leverage the most advanced strategies that give the highest return on investment.  This has been my area of study and expertise for over 20 years.

As an Internet entrepreneur, I have started over twenty successful online businesses with a wide variety of monetization models, including traditional ecommerce product/service sales, performance and affiliate marketing and advertising revenue models.  I have also been a marketing consultant to some of the world’s top companies and brands, helping them strategize and execute multi-million dollar marketing and advertising campaigns.

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